Chris Madden
Ryan Madden

Most of the artwork for Tile Miner is used from the Liberated Pixel Cup competition here:
The submissions for the liberated pixel cup are found here:
William Thompson (AKA William.Thompsonj) –
Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm) –
Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike) –
Charles Sanchez (AKA CharlesGabriel) –
Daniel Eddeland (AKA daneeklu) –
Michele Bucelli (AKA Buch) –
Henrique Lazarini (AKA Ails) –

Mike Irish (AKA fierychariot) –

Sound: – stuartduffield – petenice,  Taira Komori, Agaxly, Q.K., kevinkace, jorickhoofd, cusconauta, DrMinky, wjoojoo, – Benboncan – artistdude, Michel Baradari, AntumDeluge,


  1. I Love the game guys! I’ve been in the hospital and this game has been on my up and coming list since I got out! This game has so much to offer and I’m very excited! Keep working hard guys!

  2. Not shocked that this game never went anywhere. It popped up in Discovery Queue, but only 47 people bought it, and everyone reported the same issue. Unstable coding preventing them from playing for longer than 5 minutes, and developers who completely ignored bug reports.

    As such, already reported to Steam to remove this title from their library, as its clear you two are just worthless scammers.

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