Chris Madden
Ryan Madden

Most of the artwork for Tile Miner is used from the Liberated Pixel Cup competition here:
The submissions for the liberated pixel cup are found here:
William Thompson (AKA William.Thompsonj) –
Lanea Zimmerman (AKA Sharm) –
Stephen Challener (AKA Redshrike) –
Charles Sanchez (AKA CharlesGabriel) –
Daniel Eddeland (AKA daneeklu) –
Michele Bucelli (AKA Buch) –
Henrique Lazarini (AKA Ails) –

Mike Irish (AKA fierychariot) –

Sound: – stuartduffield – petenice,  Taira Komori, Agaxly, Q.K., kevinkace, jorickhoofd, cusconauta, DrMinky, wjoojoo, – Benboncan – artistdude, Michel Baradari, AntumDeluge,


  1. I Love the game guys! I’ve been in the hospital and this game has been on my up and coming list since I got out! This game has so much to offer and I’m very excited! Keep working hard guys!

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