Bug Fix Update FOUR(Version

Remember to delete your tileminer.exe or tileminer.jar before downloading the update.

Bug fixes:
-Issues with Pepper Tiles: Crashes when loading fully grown tiles, Pepper is not collidable, only drops pepper when partially grown, growth time is too fast.
-Roofing does not break when walls breaking causing odd behavior.

Known Issues:
-If you die at night it becomes extra dark in the over world.

For posting bugs go to: http://www.tileminer.org/forums/forum/report-a-bug/


  1. Hallo can you tell me where i can download a update of your game. because i bought your game but i have also the version

    1. Basically in order to redownload the game you just go to your original download link from itch.io and redownload. Just make sure to delete the old save file. If you no longer have the download link you should be able to figure out how to get a new one from itch.io….

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