Developer Update #2

Today we got a few things done. 

1.  I spent the morning doing some more work with housing transparency.  I made it look a little cleaner:

2.  We spent a ton of time solving a bug where different blocks weren’t loading in multiplayer.  It looked like this for a bit:  

And we did end up solving it.  🙂  I love bugs!
3.  I have been working on a new forum that should function a lot better than the current one.  I’m hoping to make it go live next week.  Looking forward to creating a better space for the community.  
4.  I redesigned some of this website.  I wanted to go a bit more basic and make it look a whole lot cleaner.  I’ve never really liked the look of the old one anyways!:)  

Two days in a row!  I don’t plan on saying anything over the weekend so see you next week!  


  1. Keep these dev updates coming! They’re very informative, and really help to get a peek at what can be expected in the future.

  2. Incredible incredible quilt!! I once got kicked out of a car park for rolblrleading there, I can totally see the same thing happening to me if I was taking pictures of quilts. Nicely done 🙂

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