Still in the Grind

We’ve had a lot of inquiries lately about how things have been progressing with the game. We haven’t said much because we don’t have much we can show yet. Our next update is going to be a major update because it will add multiplayer and overhaul the artwork. We never intended to do either of these things so it’s also a very complicated and time consuming process. It’s still too soon to even predict when this will be completed but what I can say right now is: 2-6 months. What I can show you is some of the artwork our artists have created:


Thoughts? Let us know! We’re looking forward to completing multiplayer and getting back to adding features. Thanks!


  1. I was debating on getting this for a little while now and with this news I’m definitely leaning toward yes. I have a little bro and two cousins and we love playing survival/co-op games together and this seems really awesome!

  2. Ik volg je allang via bloglovin en heb dit artikel ook geliked. Ik vind het belangrijk dat natuurlijke cosmetica zonder gif en rommel bekender wordt zodat mensen het gaan gebruiken. En ik doe natuurlijk mee met deze winactie. <3

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