The Vision: What to expect from 0.2

Last week I went to a conference (not game related) which took up a lot of time. I’m back in the swing of things and today I worked on underground world generation and the crafting menu. Here’s a WIP screenshot:

From now on I’ve decided that I’m going to post all my game updates to the website AS WELL as Steam. If you’d like to take a look at the past couple of months progress you can check out the website for those details. (Not much, just a couple of screenshots and ramblings).
Over the next few updates I’m hoping to take the time to explain what we are hoping our future updates might look like. I will begin all of these with this:
Disclaimer: All of these updates are subject to change as development progresses.

With that being said, this update I have the most confidence in as far as not making changes. This update will add multiplayer and overhaul the graphics. It’s really not that complicated:) Besides these big changes there will be loads and loads of minor tweaks. We watch all of the english let’s plays and read all the reviews. We have taken notes and many of the minor things people have mentioned we’ve tweaked. If you have any minor adjustments you’d like us to implement, feel free to comment and we’ll see what we can do. Stay tuned for more details on our future updates!:)


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