Tile Miner Version 0.2 is Now Available!

Late last night version 0.2 went live. If you find a bug please e-mail us @ chris@tileminer.org.
If you’d like to play multiplayer here is the step by step guide:
1. Set up port forwarding on your router. You need two ports open. 1 for TCP and one for UDP. The UDP port should be one higher than the TCP.
2. Open Tile Miner and create a new game
3. Once loaded, press escape and click options.
4. Click on “Setup a Server”. This will make your current game a server people can connect to.
5. Have player 2 Open Tile Miner and click on Multiplayer.
6. Click the “New” button in the select host menu.
7. Type in the ip address, the TCP port number. (Along with a name for the connection and the Hero logging in).
8. Click Create Host and then connect and you’re off and running!

We’d love to hear feedback about any part of the game. The best way to reach us is by e-mail. And again please let us know if there are any bugs and we’ll squash them ASAP. chris@tileminer.org. Thanks for all of you’re patience in this version of the game. In a week or two we will announce the plans for version 0.3. We’re super excited about the future of the game. Thanks!

Here’s the changelog:
-Coop multiplayer added (PVP to be added in a future release)
-Added chatting system (press T to chat)
-Complete graphics overhaul.
-Added better full screen support with NO stretching. Supports up to 1080p.
-Added Giant Bat
-Added Giant Worm
-Added Worm Nest
-Added Bat Nest
-Beehives are no longer craftable. You find them as a rare spawn in the world.
-Beehives added to the world generation.
-Beehives now spawn little bees when not yet broken.
-Added Potatoes (Boil em Mash em Stick em in a stew… Well actually just cook them in a furnace…)
-Added Tin and Copper heart containers (add some ore to make the heart container more effective)
-Removed sticks (Anything that used sticks we felt really should just be planks)
-Removed artichoke
-Miscellaneous balancing tweaks
-Miscellaneous bugs fixed
-Miscellaneous bugs introduced

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