0.4 Coming Soon!

I just wanted to chime in and share some of the things we’ve been working on in 0.4. We are calling this “the magic update”. The original plan was to add a bunch of small pieces of content we feel the game is really lacking. But then when we calculated how long it would take to add magic, we just tacked that on! The hope is to have the release out in about 3 weeks. Here’s a list of new content.
-Fireball spell
-Frostball spell
-Magic Containers (increases total magic)
-Magic Potion (increases current magic points)
-Spawn Potion (teleports you to your spawn point)
-Shell Potion (increases defense for a period of time)
-Moveable spawn point
-Wooden Fences

This is just the stuff that we’ve added so far. The hope is to add a bit more before our three weeks is up. Keep the feedback coming and let us know what else you’d like to see. Thanks!

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