The Magic Update is Now Available!

This update was a fun one! The focus was on adding magic and accessories to the game. We also took some time to adjust a few other balance related issues. We need as much feedback as we can get so as always let us know about bugs and all of your ideas in the forum.

Change Log 0.4.0

New Features:
* Beds
* Magic
* Accessories
* watch – displays the time as a status effect.
* sticky inventory pendant – hangs on to your main inventory bar when you die.
* speed ring – increases your speed.
* spike shield pendant – increases defense.
* spike dungeon tablet – allows the breaking and placing of dungeon blocks.

New Items:
* Spell Making Table
* Fire 1 Staff
* Ice 1 Staff
* Fire Crystals
* Ice Crystals
* Amethyst
* Magic Orb
* Amethyst Magic Orb
* Wooden fencing
* Wooden gate
* Spawn platform
* Spawn platform compass
* new potions
* spawn potion
* shell potion
* magic potion
* Dungeon entrance tile
* Rare chest that is less common but has better items
* Spike dungeon tablet (this is now used for breaking the dungeon)
* Clock
* Dandelions
* Cotton

* Crafting Menu Sorting
* Item descriptions
* House building enhancements
* Particle effects for applied potions and magic spells
* Stack size now shows on word bubble over furnace/cauldron
* Shell armor is now craftable and not found in the dungeon
* Low energy now kills you
* Bats, worms, dungeon mobs are now faster
* Copper less common in underground
* Cook times in furnace and cauldron are cut in half
* Energy goes faster but you start with some food
* Increased growth times of crops
* unloading of chunks speed drastically increased

Bug Fixes:
* can no longer close a door on yourself or a mob
* knockback into a staircase was moving you to the wrong block in the underworld
* grass spreading issue

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