Bad News and Good News

The bad news is, we’re not releasing any more monthly updates. There is a very good development reason for this that I will announce shortly. We are making a pretty big change and that change will mean we can’t be putting out regular updates for at least a few months. The good news is, we’re close enough to 1.0 that our next update (hopefully this year) will be the final release!

We’re incredibly excited about the future of Tile Miner. Since the new year we’ve had a total of 5 updates. We added magic, villagers, dungeons and a bunch of items, potions, and tools. At this point we can see the finish line to a complete and polished game. We know everything we want to add for the final release.

We’re not quite ready to give a release date. In many ways I hesitate to give even a time frame. Things tend to take longer than you plan when it comes to development. A lot longer! Our release date relies heavily on how much time my wife can put in and how quickly a secret change we’re working on will get done. These are both unknowns. I can tell you our hopes: we hope to release by the end of 2018. We’re pushing for that. But we’re also going to hold off if the game isn’t quite ready.

With all that being said, I want to make sure to keep everyone posted on progress as we move along. Next week I’ll be announcing the big change we’ve been working on. Soon after I’d like to start addressing piece by piece the remaining aspects of the game that we need to finish. These things are in addition to more spells, more potions, and more items. These are additional features, mechanics and polish. As always if you have any questions or ideas we’re still listening! Thanks!

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