Developer Update #10 – Bee AI

I’m changing the AI for all mobs in the game for the dungeon update. I want to make sure that each mob has it’s own unique behavior. I’m starting that process with the Bee.
Currently in Tile Miner the Bee is most likely the first “enemy” you’ll encounter in the game. As more releases come out I want the Bee to feel less like an “enemy” and more like a friendly mob. So for starters, the bee will no longer chase you unless you hit it. If you don’t bother the bee, the bee won’t bother you:) As it’s randomly roaming around the map it will be searching for flowers. When it finds a flower it will land on it and change its animation slightly. Then it will take off in search of another flower.
This may seem like a simple change but I think it’s important that each mob is unique. It’ll probably take me another week or two to complete the AI changes for every mob. I’ll keep you posted on details for each one!

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