Developer Update #17 – Lizard Shell

Lately I’ve been working on a wiring system for the dungeon. I’ll give more details when it’s closer to being completed but it’s basically a way to turn on lights, spawn enemies, and trigger traps. The next few updates I’d like to address some of the AI adjustments. I am finally finished with the AI so I wanted to share how some of it works.
When you start going through a dungeon the easiest enemy is the lizard. As you progress through the dungeon that lizard will take on other forms. In this case, the lizard will have a shell and look a lot like a turtle. He takes less damage than the lizard, deals more damage than the lizard and when you hit him he will retreat into his shell and hide for a few seconds. Upon death it will drop a shell. These shells have magical properties and are important for completing the dungeon.
Here’s a picture of the new enemy going in and out of its shell

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