Working Hard!

It’s been a while since we’ve given an update so I thought I’d share what we’re up to. We are getting closer and closer every day to finishing up multiplayer. There’s still a lot of work to do but it’s totally worth it! As far as graphics go, I’m hoping within a couple of weeks we’ll be able to post in game screenshots and get your feedback! As we get close to the release I’ll be working on a new trailer as well (since the old trailer doesn’t exactly go with the new graphics!:))
We’re working hard because we really want to finish multiplayer and begin work on future updates. One of the things that we think will set us apart a bit more from games like Minecraft and Terraria will be our NPC’s. They will have schedules, personalities and will have a massive impact on gameplay. We’ll be talking about that more as time goes on.
FYI, we read every single comment on our website and Steam. We have gotten tons of great ideas that we plan on implementing into the game. The sooner you share your thoughts and hopes with us, the more likely you’ll see it! Please let us know what you’re thinking!:)


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