New Trailer!

Today I’m releasing a trailer on youtube for the early release of Tile Miner.  There are quite a few minor features that need to be added as well as a lot of bug fixing.  I’ll announce a date as soon as I have one!:)

Major Progress

A lot to talk about!:)  For starters, I have updated the website. It’s hard to calculate how much has been done since the last update (it was 4 months ago and development has been ongoing the entire time).  The core systems are in place (World generation, block placement, mining, crafting, fighting, clothing, etc…)  Right now …read in detail

First Update

Welcome to the official blog of Tile Miner.  Here you will find updates on how development is going on a new top down sandbox adventure game!  Right now we are very early in development.  We are still setting up systems and implementing basic features.  Here is what we have: A character who can walk in …read in detail